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Lars Louis Andersen, MSc PhD, is Professor of Musculoskeletal Disorders at National Research Centre for the Working Environment in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University, Denmark. His research focuses on physical exercise for treating and preventing work-related musculoskeletal pain– a research area that is highly relevant as musculoskeletal pain is cause of 50% of all work disability in Europe. His research has shown that physical exercise at the workplace –especially high-intensity strength training as often used among healthy people and athletes –is an effective tool to reduce work-related musculoskeletal pain. His presentation will provide examples of workplace strength training for back and neck-shoulder pain among office workers, laboratory technicians, slaughterhouse workers and nurses. One of his studies showed that as little as two minutes of daily strength training – one set to failure – with elastic bands can help reduce neck-shoulder pain among office workers. Physiological adaptations in the muscles and brainexplaining these findings will be presented as well.